Monday, 8 October 2007

Adam and the Ants - Stand and Deliver

I was bought this by an ex-girlfriend of mine on the offchance that I didn't have it combined with the fact that the plain white sleeve has '50p' written on it biro.

Ants fact - when this record was released in 1981 it was the first single to go straight into the charts at number one since The Beatles had managed it last. The charts were somewhat more competitive twenty-six years ago. It was amazing, records could climb the charts, drop down a few places, go out of the charts, get back into the charts, climb back up further than they got before and THEN go to number one. It was not at all unusual for a record to get to number two or three, drop down over a couple of weeks to number fifteen or so, then go back up the charts and finally get to number one. As a kid you would memorise the top ten back then cos it was important. By 'you' I mean 'I', of course.

It makes me amazingly pleased to be able to embed the Stand and Deliver video here cos it was great then and it is still great now. Remember - when Adam jumps from that tree at the start he breaks his leg as he lands. That's suffering for your pop art.

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