Monday, 8 October 2007

Teenage Fanclub - Star Sign

Thankfully, this brings me up to date with the four blog entries that I owe you. I blame my busy weekend. I could have lied and falsified the dates of the entries, but as I maintain, this blog will be all about telling the truth. So this is how it has to be.

Star Sign came out in about the middle of that classic run of Teenage Fanclub singles. My memory tells me that it was their first release after they left Fire Records (well, Paperhouse Records but this won't work unless I use the parent company...) and signed to Creation *desperately thrashes around trying to think up an 'out of the Fire and into the something Creation and heat-based pun'* . . . *fails*. My memory also tells me that this single was the one directly before Radio. Let's double check my facts on the internet, which is after all the modern day and lazy equivalent of those memory-improving books they used to advertise in the Sunday newspaper supplement magazines. No, I'm completely wrong, there's loads of stuff released between the two of them. Shows what I know.

The B-side of this single was their cover version of Madonna's Like a Virgin, which should have sounded much more exciting than it actually does. I remember being disappointed by it even then. But I've forgiven them for that now.

Here's the video, which I've honestly never seen before. So I'm going to post this and then watch it for the first time myself. It'll be like being one of you for a few minutes.

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