Monday, 8 October 2007

Inspiral Carpets - Find Out Why

Oh my, I hope we're not hitting too lengthy a cluster of baggy singles. Here we have an early hit (though it's telling that in my head I consider it one of their later songs, as like the Happy Mondays I didn't bother with much of their output once Madchester had died it's drugs-and-guns death).

This 7" has no picture sleeve. Just a plain black sleeve with the holes in so you can actually see what it is on the labels on the vinyl itself. Though it does have a little circular sticker saying 'inspiral carpets. 99p. ltd edition' on the sleeve. So that answers the question of price. There's no year of release anywhere on it. So before checking Wikipedia I'm guessing 1990. Let's see... ooh - it was their last single of 1989. So close.

To our younger readers this song might be better remembered as the theme tune to kids Saturday morning TV Show '8:15 to Manchester', though they'd changed the "Something's gonna make her mine" lyric and crowbarred in the line "8:15 to Manchester" and ruined it. There's a YouTube video of them recording the theme tune version that I'm not going to embed here, purist that I am.

I always used to think that this single had entirely ripped off the organ intro to 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians (that's no mistake - it's pronounced "Question Mark and the Mysterians), a song that the Inspirals covered on one of their very early recordings. Though watching the video to the original (again, it's up on YouTube) it's not quite the same. Though maybe the Inspirals used the same riff on this single and their cover version, who knows? What I do know is that I'm not going through my old cassettes to find out.

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