Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Daisy Chainsaw - Love Your Money

I knew this was a bad idea. This is the band that became Queen Adreena. They got into the proper pop charts with this offering way back in 1991. It's a shouty-punk effort and really not much kop. The B-side is called Get Real Pleasure and I could not tell you if I've ever even listened to it.

I didn't buy this record, I borrowed it off a drummer I was in a band with. At some point in the future I'll get to some Pop Will Eat Itself singles that are his as well. I presume I had it to DJ with during the fortnight when it was all the rage in the indie clubs. Anyway, Richard - if you're reading this do you want your Daisy Chainsaw single back? I'm done with it now. Also - do you still have to count when you drum? I always found that really puzzling.

I once met the bass player from Daisy Chainsaw. He was a nice bloke. I don't wonder what he's doing now.

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